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Tales ​of Heresy (The Horus Heresy 10.) 3 csillagozás

Nick Kyme – Lindsey Priestley (szerk.): Tales of Heresy

When Horus the Warmaster rebelled against the Emperor, the ensuing civil war nearly destroyed the Imperium. War raged across galaxy, pitting Astartes against their battle-brothers in a struggle where death was the only victor.

This collection features stories of heroism and tragedy set during this turbulent time :


Dan Abnett – Blood Games
Matt Farrer – After Desh’ea
Mike Lee – Wolf at the Door
Graham McNeill – The Last Church
James Swallow – The Voice
Anthony Reynolds – Scions of the Storm
Gav Thorpe – Call of the Lion

A művek szerzői: Dan Abnett, Mike Lee, Graham McNeill, James Swallow, Anthony Reynolds, Gav Thorpe


Black Library, Nottingham, 2009
416 oldal · ISBN: 9781844166831

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Nick Kyme – Lindsey Priestley (szerk.): Tales of Heresy

Blood Games – 4,5 / 5
Wolf at the Door – 4 / 5
Scions of the Storm – 4 / 5
The Voice – 3,5 / 5
Call of the Lion – 3,5 / 5
The Last Church – 4 / 5
After Desh'ea – 4,5 / 5

Nick Kyme – Lindsey Priestley (szerk.): Tales of Heresy

Jó kis novellák, hangulatosak és rávilágítanak az Eretnekség hátterére, mellékszàlaira.

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The battle-barge Ironwolf hung like a poised blade above the green-and-ochre surface of the battered world. Light from the system’s distant yellow sun glinted coldly on the warship’s cathedral-like superstructure and highlighted the raw battle-scars along its armoured hide. The Ironwolf had seen hard fighting in the last seven years of the Great Crusade, and the great battle-barge bore its wounds proudly. She was the flagship of the 954th Expeditionary Fleet, and her honour rolls bore testament to the battles she’d fought and the wayward worlds she’d reclaimed in the name of the Emperor of Man.

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The enemy city was a single grand superstructure hundreds of levels high, its grand valley-like boulevards criss-crossed with thousands of arched walkways and lined with balconies and terraces. Much of it had been blasted into oblivion, but more had survived than Sor Talgron had expected—the glassy material that everything on this world was constructed from was apparently more resilient than it appeared. Before the bombardment had begun, the city must have looked stunning, though Sor Talgron found such opulence deeply suspicious. Beauty, he felt, was to be mistrusted.

119. oldal


In silence, only truth remains. But to find it; ah, there is the task. For, one must ask herself, what place is truly silent? Where can the absolute stillness of tranquillity be found? The question was a common one placed to novices at the very start of their induction, and it was a rare aspirant who showed the wisdom to come even close to the correct answer. Many would look to the stars, through the portals of the great ebon-hulled craft they found themselves aboard, and they would point to the void. Out there, they would say. In the airless dark, there is silence. No atmosphere to carry the vibrations of sound, no passage there for voice nor song nor shout nor scream. The void is silence, they would say. And they would be corrected. For even where there is no air to breathe, there is still clamour, the… chaos, as it were. Even there, broadcast across wavelengths that unaugmented humans could not perceive, there was the riot of cosmic radiation and the constant rumble of the universe’s great stellar engines as it turned and aged. Even darkness itself had a sound, if one had the ears with which to hear it.

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The Aeria Gloris, as with every starship in service with the Divisio Astra Telepathica, was equipped with aphonoria, great spaces within their hulls where sound-deadening technologies rendered the closest equivalent to absolute quiet.

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You think that the way you perceive the world is the way it actually is, but you cannot perceive the external world directly, none of us can. Instead, we know only our ideas or interpretations of objects in the world. The human brain is a marvellously evolved organ, my friend, and it is especially good at constructing images of faces and voices from limited information.

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“Are you afraid to die, Uriah?” asked Revelation. “No.” “Truly?” “Truly,” said Uriah. “I have my share of sins, but I have spent my life in the service of my god and I believe that I have served Him faithfully and well.” “So why is it then, when you go to these people who are dying and clinging to their beliefs that they don’t welcome the end of their life? Surely the gathered family and friends should be of good cheer and should celebrate their relative’s passing? After all, if eternal paradise awaits on the other side, why are they not filled with gleeful anticipation? Could it be that, in their heart of hearts, they don’t really believe it?”

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