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Nick Hornby: Stuff I've Been Reading Nick Hornby: Stuff I've Been Reading

Stuff ​I've Been Reading by Nick Hornby – the bestselling novelist's rich, witty and inspiring reading diary. 'Read what you enjoy, not what bores you,' Nick Hornby tells us. And in this new collection of his columns from the Believer magazine (taking off where The Complete Polysyllabic Spree finished), he shows us how it's done. Or at least, how he does it: whether plunging into a biography of Dickens whilst his children are destroying something in the room next door or devouring a whole series of children's books whilst on holiday. Hornby is the intelligent, committed but sceptical reader we'd all like to be. Admiring Ian McEwen's On Chesil Beach, he points out a surprising anachronism. Reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, he wonders why 'unflinching' is a term of praise among critics. And who but Nick Hornby could successfully juxtapose a discussion of a book on the Band with one on the Stasi? These accounts of one reader's experience of buying and reading, and sometimes not… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2013

Penguin, New York, 2015
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Penguin, London, 2013
272 oldal · ASIN: B00ECL3Q8G
Viking, London, 2013
272 oldal · ISBN: 9780241003336

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Nick Hornby: Stuff I've Been Reading

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Nick Hornby: Stuff I've Been Reading

Nick Hornby még mindig nagyon jól ír, szeretem a stílusát. Olvasás közben elgondolkodtam, hogy mit olvastatnék el vele, mit szeretnék, hogy melyik könyv(ek)ről írjon. Kapásból a Power jutott eszembe.
És nem tudom, hogy csinálja, de kedvet csinált pl. Montaigne-hez, akihez a franciaszaknak nem sikerült.
Utána fogok nézni a maradék esszéinek is, amiket még nem olvastam.

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    I recently discovered that when my friend Mary has finished a book, she won't start another for a couple of days – she wants to give her most recent reading experience a little more time to breathe, before it’s suffocated by the next. This makes sense, and it’s an entirely laudable policy, I think. Those of us who read neurotically, however – to ward off boredom, and the fear of our own ignorance, and our impending deaths – can’t afford the time.

89. oldal, January 2008 (Penguin, 2015)

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We don’t choose to waste our reading time; it just happens. The books let us down.

215. oldal, July/August 2011 (Penguin, 2015)

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    The annoying thing about reading is that you can never get the job done. The other day I was in a bookstore flicking through a book called something like 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (and, without naming names, you should be aware that the task set by the title is by definition impossible, because at least 400 of the books suggested would kill you anyway), but reading begets reading – that's sort of the point of it, surely? – and anybody who never deviates from a set list of books is intellectually dead anyway.

38-39. oldal, May 2007 (Penguin, 2015)

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No time spent with a book is ever entirely wasted, even if the experience is not a happy one: there’s always something to be learned.

215. oldal, July/August 2011 (Penguin, 2015)

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(…) pizza always beats art (…)

54. oldal, August 2007 (Penguin, 2015)

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Reading journeys are still the richest, most stimulating and the cheapest journeys after all, and you don't even have to go anywhere, apart from the inside of your own head.

5. oldal, Introduction (Penguin, 2015)

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    According to the July 1 edition of the Economist, Matthias Wittlinger decided to investigate a long-held but never proven suspicion that what enables an ant to find his (or her) way home to the nest is an inbuilt pedometer – in other words, they count their steps. He tested this hypothesis in an ingenious way. First, he made the ants walk through a ten-meter tunnel to get food; he then made them walk back to their nests through a different ten-meter tunnel. But the fun really started once they’d got the hang of this. Wittlinger trimmed the legs of one group of ants, in order to shorten the stride pattern; another group was put on stilts made out of pig bristle, so that their steps became much bigger. The results were satisfying. The ants with little legs stopped about four meters short of the nest; the ants on stilts, meanwhile, overshot by fifteen feet. Anyone who thinks that someone other than Wittlinger is a more deserving recipient of the inaugural Stuff I’ve Been Reading Scientist of the Month Award is, to put it bluntly, an idiot. Science doesn’t get any better than this.

15-16. oldal, September 2006 (Penguin, 2015)

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If we are going to judge things on their ability to power the great machines of the world, then we will have to agree that music, charity, tolerance, and bacon-flavored potato chips, to name only four things that we prize here at the Believer, are worse than useless.

46. oldal, June/July 2007 (Penguin, 2015)

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A memoir about raising a child with special needs would not have been improved by scenes of indiscriminative slaughter. (This is the sort of quality advice you'll be getting when you enrol in my online writing school, coming soon.)

236. oldal, October 2011

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Every so often I pick up a book that I know meant a great deal to me in those early adult years, and I'm frequently surprised by its failure to connect with my older self. Dickens, you'll be relieved to hear, still holds up pretty well. But some of the other novels that I can remember sitting up half the night to finish now seem clunky, or pretentious, or simply dull. (I had much greater tolerance for the slow and earnest back then; I would never have dared think any of these things about a published book.) I finished everything, sometimes quickly and sometimes with agonizing reluctance, and pretended to admire the things that everyone else seems to have admired. If I had been told, by a friend or a teacher or a critic or a blurb, that something was good, then I tried hard to like it. If I didn't, then I couldn't help but feel it was my fault, never the fault of the author.
I don't read like that now. I give books up, I argue with them, quite often I know better (or know myself better) than to pick certain books up in the first place. And, of course, my tastes have changed. […]
These loved books are me now and previous loved books were me then, and I retain only a passing interest in the latter person.

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