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Naomi Novik: Black Powder War Naomi Novik: Black Powder War Naomi Novik: Black Powder War Naomi Novik: Black Powder War Naomi Novik: Black Powder War

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After their fateful adventure in China, Capt. Will Laurence of His Majesty’s Aerial Corps and his extraordinary dragon, Temeraire, are waylaid by a mysterious envoy bearing urgent new orders from Britain. Three valuable dragon eggs have been purchased from the Ottoman Empire, and Laurence and Temeraire must detour to Istanbul to escort the precious cargo back to England. Time is of the essence if the eggs are to be borne home before hatching.

Yet disaster threatens the mission at every turn–thanks to the diabolical machinations of the Chinese dragon Lien, who blames Temeraire for her master’s death and vows to ally herself with Napoleon and take vengeance. Then, faced with shattering betrayal in an unexpected place, Laurence, Temeraire, and their squad must launch a daring offensive. But what chance do they have against the massed forces of Bonaparte’s implacable army?

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2006

HarperCollins, New York, 2007
368 oldal · puhatáblás
358 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780007219179 · Illusztrálta: Andrew Davidson
Del Rey, New York, 2006
366 oldal · ISBN: 0345481305

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Naomi Novik: Black Powder War

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Naomi Novik: Black Powder War

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Laurence agreed without thinking and was shortly appalled by the sight of Emily bathing with the rest of the young officers, innocent of both clothing and modesty. “You must not bathe with the others,” Laurence said to her urgently, having bundled her out and into a blanket.
“Mustn’t I?” she said, gazing up at him damp and bewildered.
“Oh, Christ,” Laurence said, under his breath. “No,” he told her firmly, “it is not suitable; you are beginning to be a young lady.”
“Oh,” she said dismissively, “Mother has told me all about that, but I have not started bleeding yet, and anyway I would not like to go to bed with any of them,” and a thoroughly routed Laurence feebly fell back on giving her some make-work, and fled to Temeraire’s side.

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“Did you have a pleasant bathe?” he asked, changing the subject.
“Oh, yes; those rocks were very nice,” Temeraire said, wistfully, “although it was notquite as agreeable as being with Mei.”
Lung Qin Mei, a charming Imperial dragon, had been Temeraire’s intimate companion in Peking; Laurence had feared since their departure that Temeraire might privately be pining for her. But this sudden mention seemed a non sequitur; nor did Temeraire seem very love-lorn in his tone. Then Granby said, “Oh, dear,” and stood up to call across the camp, “Mr. Ferris! Mr. Ferris, tell those boys to pour out that water, and go and fetch some from the stream instead, if you please.”
“Temeraire!” Laurence said, scarlet with comprehension.
“Yes?” Temeraire looked at him, puzzled. “Well, do you not find it more pleasant to be with Jane, than to—”
Laurence stood up hastily, saying, “Mr. Granby, pray call the men to dinner now,” and pretended not to hear the unsteady stifled mirth in Granby’s voice as he said, “Yes, sir,” and dashed away.

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“It is my cow! It is mine! I had it first!"

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