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Nancy Goodman: It Was Food Vs. Me… And I Won

„I ​have a great life, if only I could stop eating.” Those were the words Nancy Goodman used to describe herself. Like millions of women of all ages, she had an obsession with food. She was obsessed with her weight, obsessed with eating, and obsessed with not eating. It didn't matter that she „looked OK” or „good enough” to most people. She was trapped in a life of dieting and deprivation rather than leading a life true to who she wanted to be.
In It Was Food Vs. Me . . . and I Won, Nancy speaks directly to readers and shares her inspiring story and lessons for breaking free. As Nancy discovered, when she finally began to confront the true issues facing her, instead of the self-created ones about food, she was able to lose weight, start eating the foods she loved, stop obsessing, and flourish in more ways than she had ever imagined. With total honesty and a passion for helping others, she offers refreshing advice on dealing with everything from daily food choices, cravings,… (tovább)

Viking, 2004
256 oldal · ISBN: 9780670033126

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