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Michel Faber: The Fire Gospel Michel Faber: The Fire Gospel

Theo Griepenkerl is a modest academic with an Olympian ego. When he visits a looted museum in Iraq, looking for treasures he can ship back to Canada, he finds nine papyrus scrolls that have lain hidden for two thousand years. Once translated from Aramaic, these prove to be a fifth Gospel, written by an eye-witness of Jesus Christ’s last days. But when Theo decides to share this sensational discovery with the world, he fails to imagine the impact the new Gospel will have on Christians, Arabs, homicidal maniacs and Amazon customers. Like Prometheus’s gift of fire, it has incendiary consequences.

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Canongate, Edinburgh, 2009
224 oldal · ISBN: 9781847672797
Canongate, U.S., 2009
184 oldal · ISBN: 9781847671837

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