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A Shadowrun Sourcebook
Michael Immig – Thomas Römer – Jens Eggert – Martin Ellermeier – Guido Hölker – Irene Fehlberg – Alex Kleesen – Hartwig Nieder-Gassel – Jörg Raddatz – Carsten Scheibe – Andreas Wichter: Germany Sourcebook


in the
chaos …

… of the Awakening and the Euro-Wars, the German Alliance is a land torn by strife, rebellion, political turmoil and powerful magic. From the towering glass-and-chrome skyscrapers of Frankfurt to the anarchy of Berlin, from the Green War camps of the Rhine-Ruhr megaplex to the Troll Kingdom of the Black Forest, 21st-century Germany teems with opportunities and unseen dangers for the shadowrunner.

The Germany Sourcebook™ is a Shadowrun® game supplement that describes the politics, society, economics, and shadowworld of Germany, 2054.

Eredeti cím: Deutschland in den Schatten

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1992

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