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Michael Crichton: Congo Michael Crichton: Congo Michael Crichton: Congo Michael Crichton: Congo Michael Crichton: Congo

Deep ​in the African rain forest, near the legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj, an expedition of eight American geologists is mysteriously and brutally killed in a matter of minutes.

Ten thousand miles away, Karen Ross, the Congo Project Supervisor, watches a gruesome video transmission of the aftermath: a camp destroyed, tents crushed and torn, equipment scattered in the mud alongside dead bodies – all motionless except for one moving image – a grainy, dark, man-shaped blur.

In San Francisco, primatologist Peter Elliot works with Amy, a gorilla with an extraordinary vocabulary of 620 „signs,” the most ever learned by a primate, and she likes to fingerpaint. But recently, her behavior has been erratic and her drawings match, with stunning accuracy, the brittle pages of a Portuguese print dating back to 1642 . . . a drawing of an ancient lost city. A new expedition – along with Amy – is sent into the Congo where they enter a secret world, and the only way out… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1980

HarperCollins, London, 2009
496 oldal · ISBN: 0061782556
Avon, New York, 2003
480 oldal · ISBN: 0060541830
Arrow, Washington, 1994
370 oldal · ISBN: 0099544318

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