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Michael A. Stackpole: Wolf and Raven

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Wolfgang Kies is a shadowrunner with a secret. He is an untrained shaman whose totem is the Wolf.

Struggling under the influence of the Old One's omnipotent powers, Wolfgang's only ally is Dr. Richard Raven, the elf and do-gooder vigilante Seattle turns to when all else fails.

He knows Wolfgang's secret.

He understands the pull of magical possession on vulnerable souls. Together they are the only force strong enough to battle crime kingpin Etienne La Plante.

As the chrome-fisted Capone of the Seattle Sprawl, La Plante has at his command an army of Grunge goons, razor boys, and icepick-packing samurai. But when Wolfgang's on the prowl, every cyber-creep and crook is fair game. There's only one hope against La Plante's reign of terror—the one force Wolfgang fears the most…his own pure pradatory fury.

Roc, 1998
286 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780451459954

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