Third ​Path (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy 8.) (Stargate Atlantis 23.) 0 csillagozás

Melissa Scott – Jo Graham: Third Path

Elizabeth Weir and Ronon Dex are prisoners of the Vanir, whose damaged ship is plummeting into the mountains of Sateda. Meanwhile, Atlantis is in lock down, infected by a virulent contagion, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. And time is running out…

Helped by Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel Shepherd’s team fight not only to save their city and free their friends, but ultimately to save an entire species from extinction. As tensions rise between the Wraith, the Travelers, and the Lanteans, old enemies — and long lost friends — must unite to walk a third path if the fragile peace in the Pegasus galaxy is to hold.

In this riveting conclusion to the epic Legacy series, the destiny of Atlantis and her people will be decided.

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