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Mel Gilden – Ted Pedersen: The Pet

It's ​the anniversary of the discovery of the Wormhole, and ships from all over the galaxy are headed to Deep Space Nine to celebrate. When the freighter Ulysses docks at Deep Space Nine, an animal escapes from one of the crewmembers and heads straight for Jake Sisko. It does not speak or eat, but loves to play ball! Since the furry little creature presents no threat to the station and the owner is under investigation by Security Chief Odo. Commander Sisko allows Jake and Nog to keep the pet until the situation can be straightened out.
Besides, the Commander has more important things to worry about. For starters, a huge new ship has come through the Wormhole and its captain is threatening to blow up the station unless his Crown Prince is returned, unfortunately for Sisko, he's never seen the prince. Also, mysterious creatures have begun terrorizing the station. With time running out, Sisko and his crew search the station for clues, while Jake and Nog try to save their pet… (tovább)

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Minstrel, 1994
112 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780671883522 · Illusztrálta: Todd Cameron Hamilton

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