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Mel Gilden: Cardassian Imps

Jake and Nog are looking for action – in all the wrong places. They've played all the family holosuite games – and the adult games are strictly off-limits. So when Garak, the only Cardassian on Deep Space Nine, suggests a trip to the unknown depths of Level 45, they're ready to go. When they arrive on the musty, abandoned deck, they find a funny Cardassian toy that says „Moop” when activated. And then they discover the replicator button on the toy. Perfect! They can replicate enough „Moops” for a baseball game. But suddenly the figures that stand before them are as tall as Nog – and they're replicating themselves!

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Minstrel, 1997
114 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780671511166 · Illusztrálta: Todd Cameron Hamilton

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