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Max Kielsmeier: Necropolis

For ​months now Jadyn has been living in a city which has fallen to a terrible plague. A virus that harkens back to the Black Death; though, being mixed with something more like rabies, it has given rise the phenomenon of zombies. They say the quarantine has contained it, but that's little comfort to the day to day lives of people living there.

Jadyn's life is lived at the edge, and so too are the lives of the bizarre, the evil and the rare good people she encounters who scrape by in their own desperate ways.

The human remnants during this calamity are at each others throats as resources become precious and survival takes on increasingly mutated forms. One warlord who sees himself as the natural leader during this time uses his bandits to plunder the resources of all. However, a few people are still like Jadyn; the survivor and mother-protector of a small group who believe that that man's body ought to be dangling from a rope somewhere.

The stakes are high,… (tovább)

224 oldal · ASIN: B078JNP384 · Illusztrálta: Charlie Bowater, Max Kielsmeier

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