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Collected Short Fiction
Matthew M. Bartlett: Gateways to Abomination

Bizarre radio broadcasts luring dissolute souls into the dark woods of Western Massachusetts. Sinister old men in topcoats gathered at corners and in playgrounds. A long-dead sorcerer returning to obscene life in the form of an old buck goat. Welcome to Leeds, Massachusetts, where the drowned walk, where winged leeches blast angry static, where black magic casts a shadow over a cringing populace. You've tuned in to WXXT. The fracture in the stanchion. The drop of blood in your morning milk. The viper in the veins of the Pioneer Valley.


CreateSpace, Washington, 2014
160 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 1500346721

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Leeds, Massachusetts, USA

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thuringwethil P>!

It was music now, that fearsome voice gone--but WHAT music! Violin bows shrieked against untuned strings in a furious frenzy. Bass notes climbed and descended drunkenly, causing a dizzying, disorienting sensation that reminded me of an inner ear infection.

88. oldal, the last hike

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thuringwethil P>!

And then I saw the faces…in and among the trees…children, mostly, some young adults. Their faces were white…a grim diaspora of the damned. The wind ruffled the leaves and their hair. They were whispering, all of them. It sounded like rain.

105. oldal, great uncle eltweed

thuringwethil P>!

WXXT. If it bleeds, it's Leeds.

44. oldal, the house in the woods

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Leeds, Massachusetts, USA
thuringwethil P>!

Among the most ghastly sounds a man can hear is the sound of a voice in what he thought was an empty house.

48. oldal, the leech

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