The ​Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales 0 csillagozás

Mark Samuels: The Man Who Collected Machen and Other Weird Tales

Cryptic and potent languages, bizarre cults, mysteries that span the gulf between life and death, occult influences that reverberate through history like a dying echo, irresistible cosmic decay, forces of nightmare that distort reality itself, gateways to worlds where esoteric knowledge rots the future.

Here, from Mark Samuels, the author of 'Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes' and modern exemplar of mystical horror, is a collection of tales that forms a veritable Rosetta Stone for scholars of cosmic wonder and terror.

Chômu Press, 2011
178 oldal · ASIN: B004RPZSJM

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