Understanding ​and Implementing the Finite Element Method 0 csillagozás

Mark S. Gockenbach: Understanding and Implementing the Finite Element Method

The ​finite element method is the most powerful general-purpose technique for comput­ing accurate solutions to partial differential equations. Understanding and Implementing the Finite Element Method is essential reading for those interested in understanding both the theory and the implementation of the finite element method for equilibrium problems. This book contains a thorough derivation of the finite element equations as well as sections on programming the necessary calculations, solving the finite element equations, and using a posteriori error estimates to produce validated solutions. Accessible introductions to advanced topics, such as multigrid solvers, the hierarchical basis conjugate gradient method, and adaptive mesh generation, are provided. Each chapter ends with exercises to help readers master these topics. Understanding and Implementing the Finite Element Method includes a carefully documented collection of MATLAB® programs implementing the ideas presented in the… (tovább)

364 oldal · ISBN: 9780898716146

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