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Attract Women Through Honesty
Mark Manson: Models

Models is the first men's dating book ever written on seduction as a purely emotional process rather than a logical one, a process of connecting with women rather than impressing them, a process of self-expression rather than manipulation. It's the most mature and honest guide on how a man can attract women without faking behavior, without lying and without emulating others. A game-changer.

Inside, you'll learn:
The root behaviors that cause all female attraction.
Why typical dating advice and pick up theory is counter-productive in the long-run.
How to overcome nervousness and anxiety around attractive women.
How any man can make himself appear attractive with a little time and effort.
The three keys to keeping conversations with women interesting and engaging.
How to discover the beliefs and attitudes that are sabotaging your success with women.
How to develop a genuine and joyful sense of humor.
And much more…

CreateSpace, Washington, 2011
260 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781463750350 · ASIN: 1463750358

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