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Maria Vickers: Flirtatious Flyboy Maria Vickers: Flirtatious Flyboy


Real love is an illusion that left me heartbroken and a single mother. I tried, failed, and am finally picking up the pieces. No one will convince me I need to give love another chance, especially not the sexy-as-sin pilot who attempts to do just that. He is annoying and won’t go away. Why won’t he take a hint? And why am I letting him get under my skin? I should just forget him, but for some reason, I can’t. His ice-blue eyes are destroying the walls of protection around my heart.


As a pilot, I live for the rush of flying thousands of feet into the air. I didn’t do relationships. The word commitment was not part of my vocabulary. I had fun, played the field, and did whatever I wanted, but one weekend with her changed everything. I couldn’t forget her. Cass is guarded, but I can see over her walls. She’s afraid and hurt, but I won’t let that stop me. I plan on healing her heart and winning over her and her son, and unlike the idiot who let her go, I never will.

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