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The Story of the Most Deadly Rivalry in Formula One
Malcolm Folley: Senna Versus Prost

In ​the late 1980s and early 1990s, Formula One was at its most explosive, with thrilling races, charismatic drivers, nail-biting climaxes—and one of the most dangerous rivalries ever witnessed in sports. Two of F1's most honored champions and iconic figures drove together for McLaren for two seasons, and their acrimonious and hostile relationship extended even after one of them had left the team. Alain Prost was France's only F1 world champion, an intelligent, smooth driver with the epithet „Le Professeur,” while Ayrton Senna was the mercurial kid from a privileged background in Sao Paolo who would become the most intense and ruthless racing driver the world has ever seen. As the great rivals raced to victory, their relationship deteriorated badly, culminating in Prost accusing Senna of deliberately trying to ride him off the circuit, and fearful that the Brazilian would get someone killed with his daring overtaking feats. The final, sad act of this drama happened at the San… (tovább)

Arrow, Washington, 2010
416 oldal · ISBN: 9780099528098

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Ayrton Senna

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Malcolm Folley: Senna Versus Prost

Malcolm Folley: Senna Versus Prost The Story of the Most Deadly Rivalry in Formula One

Az egyik kedvenc könyvem a témában. Ami miatt kitűnik számomra a többi közül, az a pártatlansága. Nem (csak) azt próbálja bemutatni, hogy milyen nagyszerű pilóta volt Senna, hanem az agresszív, mindenkin áttipró oldalát is. Mert ez is hozzátartozik.
Nagyon érdekes, hogy az író csupa olyan embert szólaltat meg, aki személyesen ismerte Sennát. Csapattársaktól kezdve, csapatfőnökökön át a riporterekig. Ettől válik hitelessé az egész.
Akit érdekel a téma, annak csak ajánlani tudom. Én mindenképp újraolvasom a közeljövőben.

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Senna let you believe he would rather have an accident than yield to you. But the car control I saw from him, especially in the rain, was just extraordinary. He had a sixth sense where the grip was. One example stands out a mile. Early on at Silverstone I beat him off the line in appalling conditions. So I am heading down to Stowe [a fast right-hand corner at the end of the Hangar Straight] and it’s soaking wet. I brake for the corner really nicely on the inside – only for Ayrton to go flying past me on the outside. I’m thinking inside the car “Bye, see you… wouldn’t want to be you!" At which point, after I have tippy-toed through the apex, he emerges in front of me, having done a wall of death on the rubbishy bits of old tyres where he knew there was more grip. Shortly after this, the race was red-flagged because of a big shunt involving someone else. We’re back in the pits and I’m thinking I’m going to try that. On the formation lap for the restart I go steaming down the outside of Stowe, hit a puddle and just keep the car out of the barriers. Remember that all I am doing is going to the grid for the restart. Right, I tell myself, I won’t be doing that in the race. Ayrton beat me off the line and we finished first and second. Talking to him on the podium, I said to him, “Your line wasn’t so special at Stowe in the second part of the race, was it?" Senna replied “I didn’t try it. There was too much water to do that again." How did he know that? When a circuit is covered in water, you don’t know how deep the lying water is. Anyway, he somehow knew not to try it again. That story is all you need to know to sum up the extraordinary ability of Ayrton Senna.

Martin Brundle on Ayrton Senna

Malcolm Folley: Senna Versus Prost The Story of the Most Deadly Rivalry in Formula One

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