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Lynn Hagen: Riley's Downfall

Riley is one confused bear. He is quiet, moody, and aloof. He isn't even mischievous like his six younger brothers. So why on earth is his mate a peculiar man that is Riley's polar opposite? Sterling loves the Lakeland ranch. He is especially enamored with one big bear shifter named Riley. The problem is, Riley won't give Sterling the time of day. The man ducks and dodges Sterling every step of the way. But when Maverick calls in a favor for Riley to be the temporary leader of the fey, Sterling finds himself in an elven village far from the ranch, and Riley isn't too happy that Sterling stowed away in the back of his truck to get there. Riley has been handed a huge responsibility. Maverick even called in a favor and had Max, Eagle, and Chey come to help Riley out. But his concerns aren't with the fey. It's with one slim human that just might be Riley's downfall.

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2012
150 oldal · ISBN: 9781622418886

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