The ​Brazen Gambit (Dark Sun: Chronicles of Athas 1.) 1 csillagozás

Lynn Abbey: The Brazen Gambit

Pavek of Urik, templar of Hamanu and lower-level bureaucrat, has grown accustomed to the benefits of his station. Neither aggressive nor rebellious, he accepts his position, follows order, and doesn't usually ask questions.

Then one day he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy that permeates all of Urik, even the ranks of his templar superiors, and now he is on the run.

Forced to flee the comforts of his station, Pavek must take to the desert in search of a new way of life and a new system of beliefs, or meet death in the blood-soaked alleys of Urik at the hands of those he used to trust.

TSR, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Amerikai Egyesült Államok, 1994
312 oldal · ISBN: 9780099455219 · Illusztrálta: Brom

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