The ​Griffin, the Dragon, and Their Unicorn Omega (The Unicorn Omegas 3.) 1 csillagozás

Lorelei M. Hart: The Griffin, the Dragon, and Their Unicorn Omega

Anthony ​imagined a lot of things for his future—being traded in exchange for clearing the gambling debt of the alpha who knocked him up was never one of them.

Pregnant and alone, unicorn shifter Anthony finds himself in the law office of bear shifter Quimby, trying to find a way to save both himself and his unborn child. Anthony loves the baby growing in him more than he loves himself. If only the only three futures he sees in front of him weren’t starving on the streets in hiding, going to jail for a murder he didn’t commit, or being a slave of the red dragons.

Griffin shifter Jules likes his life in Haven well enough. He has good friends, a job he enjoys, and a nice home—a home waiting to be filled with a family. He also can’t stop thinking about a particular hot dragon. If only the timing was better when they met.

Famous comic creator incognito and dragon shifter Gene is ready to settle down. He doesn’t want to play games or have random hookups—he wants… (tovább)

Decadent Publishing, Klawock, Alaska, 2018
160 oldal · ASIN: B07CJ96CY1

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