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Magic, Mystery, & a Very Strange Adventure
Lissa Evans: Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms

The exciting launch title of Sterling's middle-grade fiction list:

Enter a wonderful world filled with real magic, mystery … and danger.

As if being small for his age and also having S. Horten as his name isn't bad enough, now 10-year-old Stuart is forced to move far away from all his friends. But on his very first day in his new home, Stuart's swept up in an extraordinary adventure: the quest to find his great-uncle Tony--a famous magician who literally disappeared off the face of the earth--and Tony's marvelous, long-lost workshop. Along the way, Stuart reluctantly accepts help from the annoying triplets next door… and encounters trouble from another magician who's also desperate to get hold of Tony's treasures.

A quirky, smart, charming page-turner, Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms will enchant young readers--as well as teachers, librarians, and parents.

Small Change for Stuart címmel is megjelent.

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Sterling, 2012
272 oldal · ISBN: 1402798067

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Lissa Evans: Horten's Incredible Illusions Magic, Mystery & Another Very Strange Adventure

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