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Linwood Barclay: A Tap on the Window Linwood Barclay: A Tap on the Window Linwood Barclay: A Tap on the Window Linwood Barclay: A Tap on the Window

On ​a rainy night, a man gives a teenage girl a lift home, but the girl he picks up isn't the same one he drops off. Once again, bestseller Linwood Barclay hooks the reader from page one with his latest suspense masterpiece.

When Cal Weaver stops at red light on a rainy night while driving home, he ignores the bedraggled-looking teenaged girl trying to hitch a lift. Even when she starts tapping on his window. But when she says, 'Hey, aren't you Scott's dad?' and he realizes she's one of his son's classmates, he can't really ignore her. OK, so giving a ride to a teenage girl might not be the smartest move, but how much harm could it do?

Over the next 24 hours Cal is about to find out. When the girl, Claire, asks to stop at a restroom on the way home, he's happy to oblige. But the girl who gets back in the car seems strangely nervous, and it's only when they get nearer their destination that Cal realizes she no longer has the nasty cut that he noticed on… (tovább)

Berkley, New York, 2014
512 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: ‎9780451414199
Orion, London, 2014
506 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781409120346
Orion, London, 2013
ASIN: B00EOV25I6 · Felolvasta: Mark Zeisler

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