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Lindsey Leavitt – Robin Mellom: The Pages Between Us

Told in letters, posters, blog posts, homework assignments, and more, The Pages Between Us is a totally fun, totally earnest snapshot of middle grade friendship—and what it truly means to be there for someone during the ups, downs, and everything in between.

Piper and Olivia have been best friends since…well, forever. But they're distressed to find that their new middle school schedules aren't giving them enough together-time. Luckily, an idea sparks when Piper finds a cute, sparkly notebook to disguise as her „French Class” homework. It's genius—now the two BFFs can stick together all the time. And document their adventures—you know, for anthropology's sake.

But as the two navigate the tricky new world of sixth grade, they realize that they may need to branch out more than they originally thought. Their notebook, once a life raft, begins to feel like a big responsibility. Can they grow up, without growing apart?

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2016

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HarperCollins, London, 2016
288 oldal · ASIN: B00XU6RUO0
HarperCollins, London, 2016
288 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9780062377715

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Lindsey Leavitt – Robin Mellom: The Pages Between Us

Az elmúlt néhány kisebb csalódás után erre volt szükségem! Egy könyvre a barátságról.
Igen, ez egy ifjúsági regény, amelynek főszereplője két hatodikos lány, a fő konfliktus pedig abból áll, hogy a szülinapi buli vagy a sakkverseny a fontosabb.
Ennek ellenére a 288 oldal alatt milliószor nevettem, remekül szórakoztam és annyiszor sajgott a szívem, hogy egyszer majdnem sírva is fakadtam.
A regény formátuma nagyon egyedi – többek közt levelekből, blogposztokból és sms-kből áll. Tetszett ez a formátum, mert így még könnyebben bele tudtam élni magam a helyzetbe.
A történet kissé klisés, ennek ellenére az előkerülő témákat nagyszerűen dolgozza fel, az üzenete pedig csodálatos.

u.i.: Ennek a könyvnek van a legjobb köszönetnyilvánítása! (Nézzétek meg:

Népszerű idézetek


Honestly, the only other bright spot besides French is math class with Jackson. Oh, look at that! I mentioned him already.
Here are all the necessary details:
I don’t think the act of me “saying” “things” to “his face” will ever happen. That means our future wedding will be quite awkward.


Liv, why does alone have to be so bad? Like in all these shows and movies, there is the LONER, and everyone makes fun of them when maybe they should say, “Gee, that person is comfortable enough that they can just do their own thing and not worry about everyone else.”
I do great alone. And it’s not like I’m alone all the time.


Bethany Livingston is one thing. But Eve was BESTIES with . . . you know . . . Savannah Swanson. And I am NOT bringing up the Savannah Swanson Incident of third grade. But. I still can’t be around those girls for very long. Even if it’s three years later. Even if they are in my church class. And even if they act nice to me. I will never forget how they treated you. Not ever. I am by your side, Olivia. As a real friend should be. Isn’t it better to have one true best friend than a bunch of girls who you don’t totally trust?


Now that Dad’s back to work full-time? I can hardly get the word “chess” out of my mouth before he’s running out the door, gripping his mug of coffee and barely saying good-bye.
This explains why I recently Googled the phrase “Can you teach chess to a cat?”
In related news: YouTube videos of cats playing chess is A THING. And also how I lost forty-five minutes of my life.


Just the first names of common characters who would need to be replicated in the birthday party:
JOSEPH—a twin (the good one who can cry on a dime)
JOSEF—the other twin (evil) (has been married A LOT) (never cries). The twins? Except either one could start crying over anything at any moment. And they’re three.
LASHELLE—constantly gets stranded in snowstorms with no access to a phone, only a cute guy and a fireplace
DAMIAN—has multiple personalities; embarrasses the family at Christmas
BERNARD—was deaf but has been miraculously cured!
HEATHER—returns from the dead ALL THE TIME
Stock roles that can be played by anyone:
A BUTLER—a twin?
A BARTENDER—twin? But potential spills.
A nanny
A doctor with bad news
A person who answers the phone at the police station and is always annoyed
Also, my mom said the other day she’s worried I watch too much Love and Deception and should maybe go kick a soccer ball sometime. Hahahaha, right?


Grateful: Those cookies in the back, everyone wants to come to my party!!, you having fun, imagining myself sticking a pawn up Steve’s nose, and the theory of relativity (because that’s something that SMART people like me enjoy, even if I don’t know what it means yet)


Girl. GIRL. Remember that time you sent me a quick, vague message that said, “I have a proposition for you?” (That’s not a direct quote. I tried to find the message but you know how organized I am with email. Translation: not organized.) Anyway, curiosity and my deep desire to become your best friend led me to a phone call, which led to some emailing, “work” that never felt like work, “business trips” involving excessive snacks, and now . . . here we are. We co-wrote a book! You are brilliant, tenacious, strong and kind. So I would like to start off by acknowledging YOU and your great idea and your greater idea to include me. EveRYtHinG iS AweSoMe BECausE of YOU!!
I’m obsessed with you,

Girl. GIRL. I can’t believe a phone call that started with “Wouldn’t it be fun if . . .” led to this. A BOOK. Writing this with you was so much fun. Almost TOO much fun? But I must admit something to you: this was all just an elaborate hoax to force you into best friendship with me. And it worked! (Insert maniacal laughter here.) Anyway, this is the “acknowledgment” section so I will now acknowledge YOU for being hysterical, supportive, flexible (physically not emotionally—I’m kidding), and all-around AWESOME.
I also want to acknowledge a few other people in my life who help make this writing gig possible: Jill, Jayson, Luke, my parents, and chocolate.
h! And there’s one person in particular that we need to give a giant BFF hug to . . . our editor, Kristen Pettit. She helped us find the sparkle inside Piper and Olivia and we are so fortunate for her guidance. She is WonDerFuL, amirite?!
Write me back, bestie . . .


Write some more letters?

I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day. Ready? Check your inbox . . . ☺


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