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Leiland Dale: A Prophecy of Destiny

Will Stanton leads an ordinary life working with his grandfather in the family bookstore. From the moment he uncovers a trunk full of ancient papers and his grandmother's diaries, his life changes. He is soon thrusted into a world of werewolves and vampires where he uncovers the truth of his heritage and it's more than he ever imagined.

Eric Bryce is a werewolf whose pack members are slowing dying. As the first sign of the prophecy unfolds, the Ancient Ones guide Eric in search of his mate who is to play a key role in the future predicted long ago. He finally finds his mate, Will, working in a bookstore with danger not far behind. Together, they must fight both the vampires and the illness that is spreading across the pack.

Can Eric and Will fulfill their role in the prophecy or will time run out?

124 oldal · ISBN: 9780986981814

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