The ​Burglar Who Counted the Spoons (Bernie Rhodenbarr 11.) 2 csillagozás

Lawrence Block: The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons Lawrence Block: The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons Lawrence Block: The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons Lawrence Block: The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons

Ever since The Burglar on the Prowl climbed the bestseller lists in 2004, fans have been clamoring for a new book featuring the lighthearted and lightfingered Bernie Rhodenbarr. Now everybody's favorite burglar returns in an eleventh adventure that finds him and his lesbian sidekick Carolyn Kaiser breaking into houses, apartments, and even a museum, in a madcap adventure replete with American Colonial silver, an F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript, a priceless portrait, and a remarkable array of buttons. And, wouldn't you know it, there's a dead body, all stretched out on a Trent Barling carpet…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2013

Orion, London, 2014
252 oldal · ASIN: B00IJZRW0Y
250 oldal · ISBN: 9780991068425

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'[…] Have one of these cookies, Mr Lederer. They’re from the Hungarian bakery on Second Avenue.'

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[…] if I was going to raise a kid I’d rather bring him up right here in New York. Right in my own neighborhood, so we’d be within walking distance of the American Museum of Natural History.’
‘That’s important, huh?’
‘People go on about how they want to leave the city so their kid’ll know what a cow looks like. So they move way to hell and gone, and the poor little bastard never gets to see a dinosaur.’

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[…] You know what I read somewhere? A lot of kids these days aren’t being taught cursive writing. They’re using a keyboard all the time, so printing’s good enough when they actually have to use a pen or pencil.’
‘Goodbye, Palmer Method,’ I said. ‘What about SpeedWriting?’
‘I guess it’s SpeedPrinting these days.’
‘ “F U CN RD THS, U CN GT FKD,” ’ I said. ‘Remember those ads in the subways?’
‘I thought the message was something about getting a good job. I guess there were different versions.’
‘Must have been. Remember SpeedReading?’
‘Evelyn Wood, Bern. Read a whole book as quickly as you can turn the pages.’
‘I wonder if anybody ever took both courses. SpeedWriting and SpeedReading.’
‘Maybe that woman who writes twenty reviews a day for Amazon. I forget her name.’
‘You must have read it too quickly. Skimmed right over it.’
‘I guess.’
‘Or she left out the vowels. “F U CN RD HRRT KLSNR, U CN GT A GD RVW.” ’

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