Vigyázat! Cselekményleírást tartalmaz.

Anita Blake has a major dilemma – she’s known professionally as a vampire hunter, but she has been recruited to help track down a serial killer who has been preying upon the vampire population of St. Louis. To break the case, she’ll need the help of Phillip, a junkie who is addicted to being preyed upon by vampires, and she’ll have to attend a freak party, where vampires and humans come together for a strange evening of pleasure and pain…


Vigyázat! Cselekményleírást tartalmaz.

Anita goes to a local bar in hopes to find information about Phillip – whether or not he can be trusted. She finds out that the local vampire-hating group might have something to do with the vampire murders that have been happening recently in the city. Anita and Phillip attend the „freak party” to learn more about the murders. Anita sees someone there she wasn't expecting.