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Laura Joh Rowland: The Concubine's Tattoo Laura Joh Rowland: The Concubine's Tattoo Laura Joh Rowland: The Concubine's Tattoo

Samurai detective Sano Ichiro tackles his most challenging case yet when the shogun's favorite concubine, Lady Harume, dies of a poison tattoo on a very private part of her body. While Sano's worst enemy, the corrupt Chamberlain Yanagisawa, plots against him, Sano investigates Lady Harume's lovers, rivals, and troubled history in a quest to identify her killer before political tensions erupt in a bloody purge of potential culprits. An added complication is Sano's arranged marriage to Lady Reiko, who is not the traditional, obedient wife Sano expects, but an intelligent, headstrong, aspiring detective bent on helping him solve the mystery of The Concubine's Tattoo.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1998

St. Martin's, London, 2000
376 oldal · ISBN: 9780312969226
St. Martin's, London, 1998
ISBN: 0312192525

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