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L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat

Mistress Pat (1935) is a novel written by L. M. Montgomery. It is the sequel to Pat of Silver Bush, and describes Patricia Gardiner's life in her twenties and early thirties, during which she remained single and took care of her beloved home, Silver Bush. Pat hated changes as much as ever, and found in Silver Bush a refuge where she was shielded from them, but changes happened nevertheless. In the course of eleven years, new servants, new neighbors and new lovers came and went, her brothers and sisters all got married, and life at Silver Bush was no longer as pleasant as before, but Pat clung to her love of it desperately. It was only in the face of horrible disasters that Pat found where her heart belonged for the rest of her life.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1935

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Tundra Books, Montreal, 2018
400 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781101919460
Sourcebooks Fire, Naperville, Illinois, USA, 2014
288 oldal · ISBN: 9781402289279
White Press, 2014
492 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781473317048

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L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat

Montgomery gyerekekről határozottan jobban tud íri, mint felnőtt nőkről. Judy Plum sokat segített, hogy ne akarjam félbe hagyni, bár az ő angolját meg meg kellett szokni. Eredetiben jobb, mint fordításban.

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L. M. Montgomery: Mistress Pat

Hát nem is tudom. Nem volt ez se rossz, de messze nem olyan jó, mint az első. Mintha Montgomery nem tudna felnőttekről írni, csak gyerekekről. Meg szomorúbb is. Meg hogy már a tartalomjegyzékből látszik, hogy tizenegy évig tart a cselekmény, de ebből az elsőnek a könyv harmadánál, a másodiknak pedig a felénél van vége, és a többi kilenc a maradékba van belesűrítve, sokszor úgy, hogy egymás után több évnél ősszel történik valami, aztán közli, hogy „és eltelt a tél, a tavasz, a nyár”.
És konfliktuskezelésből egyes, leülhetsz.

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„I never saw anything so funny as the two of you dancing together. He looked like a windmill in a fit.”

The Second Year / 9

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It seems to me you're always too young or too old to do anything you like in this world.

The First Year, 9.


I'm so glad I can find happiness in all lovely little things.

The First Year, 9.

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„I'm telling ye.” Judy nodded her clipped grey head mysteriously. „The less ye do be belaving the colder life do be. This bush now… it was nicer whin it was packed full av fairies, wasn't it?”
„Yes… in a way. But their magic still hangs round it, though the fairies are gone.”
„Oh, oh, ye belaved in thim once, that's why. If ye don't belave in fairies they can't exist. That do be why grown folks can niver be seeing thim,” said Judy sagely. „It's pitying the children I am that niver have the chanct to belave in fairies. They'll be the poorer all their lives bekase av it.”

The First Year, 1


„I don't mind changes that mean things coming as much as changes that mean things going,” said Pat.

The First Year, 2.


„I've always thought nobody understood me quite as well as I understood myself,” resumed Mr. Tillytuck.

The First Year, 3.


There's something special about every sunset, Judy.

The First Year, 9.


And just be remimbering, Patsy, what the Good Book says… about happiness being inside av ye and not outside. Thim mayn't just be the word but it's what I'm belaving it manes.

The Sixth Year, 3.


Uncle Horace did not prove hard to entertain. When he was not talking over old times with dad or Uncle Tom or Judy he was reading sentimental novels… the more sentimental the better. When he had exhausted the Silver Bush library he borrowed from the neighbours. But the book David Kirk lent him did not please him at all.

„They don't get married at the last,” he grumbled. „I don't care a hoot for a book where they don't get properly married… or hanged… at the last. These modern novels that leave everything unfinished annoy me. And the heroines are all too old. I don't like 'em a day over sixteen.”

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To be sure, Rae wouldn't have wanted her eyes compared to wood violets… or forget-me-nots either. That was Victorian. Cornflower blue, now… that sounded so much more up to date. Don Robinson had told her at the last club dance that her eyes were cornflower blue.

The Second Year, 9

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