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Kylie Quillinan: Fey

Although ​this is book 2 in the series, it is written as a standalone novel. It is not necessary to have read book 1 first. When a bard tells a tale about a soldier’s death, he doesn’t intend to kill his brother. But he didn’t believe those who warned him he had the ability to bring his tales to life. Grainne recognizes the power in the bard’s tale. Desperate to protect his target – her new husband, Caedmon – she makes a pact with one of the fey. Caedmon is whisked away to the realm of the fey and Grainne fears she will never see him again. But Grainne isn’t the only inhabitant of Silver Downs with a secret. Eithne has fallen in love with a fey. When the fey boy stops coming to visit her, she knows something has happened to him. The women set off in search of their missing loved ones, only to discover that mortals aren’t exactly welcome in the realm of the fey. Captured by hostile fey, they are sentenced to serve as slaves – for one hundred years. Eithne and Grainne need to escape,… (tovább)

340 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780994331519

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