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Kurt Vonnegut: Palm Sunday / Welcome to the Monkeyhouse Kurt Vonnegut: Palm Sunday / Welcome to the Monkeyhouse

A diabolical government asserts control by eliminating orgasm from sex in the title story of Welcome to the Monkey House – setting the tone for a collection shot through with Vonnegut's acrid wit, and his bewilderment at the corruption of humanity.

From riffs on country music, George Bush, and his mother's midnight mania, to a bitter-sweet tribute to a dead friend, Palm Sunday demonstrates why Kurt Vonnegut is equally well known as an essayist and commentator as he is a novelist.

This caustic, funny and poignant collection resonates with Vonnegut's singular voice.

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Vintage, London, 1981
642 oldal · ISBN: 9780099387817

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