Oh ​My Goddess! 21. (Oh My Goddess! 21.) 0 csillagozás

Kosuke Fujishima: Oh My Goddess! 21.

Peorth is back! But not back to normal. The appearance of her adorable child form receiving sensitive guffaws and considerate mocking from certain of the less mature goddesses in the household has returned, but having a new little kid around for Belldandy to try and dress is certainly cute, the sawn-off Fourth Goddess is not amused — especially when she realizes Velsper, the demon who put her into this short situation, is now himself a tiny black kitten who can't change Peorth back — no matter how much she shakes and throttles him! But Velsper does know someone who could…whispering to her the dread name of…Hild! Yes, Hild! Chief of the demon realm! Big shot of the regions below! Why is it no surprise Urd's known her since she was a little girl? In fa-a-a-ct…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2000

Dark Horse, Milwaukie, Amerikai Egyesült Államok, 2005
176 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781593073343 · Illusztrálta: Kosuke Fujishima

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