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Kevin Hearne – Chuck Wendig – Lila Bowen: Death & Honey Kevin Hearne – Chuck Wendig – Lila Bowen: Death & Honey

Death ​& Honey contains three novellas by New York Times bestsellers Delilah S. Dawson, Kevin Hearne, and Chuck Wendig. Each of the stories features a full-color, full-page illustration by Galen Dara, who also contributed the cover and a full-color frontispiece.

In The Buzz Kill by Kevin Hearne, Oberon the Irish wolfhound and Starbuck the Boston Terrier sink their teeth into a new Meaty Mystery when they discover a body underneath a beehive in Tasmania. It's been badly stung, but the bees aren't at fault: This is homicide. The hounds recruit the help of their Druid, Atticus O'Sullivan, and the Tasmanian police to track down the killer in the interest of a reward—but this time, they want more than food and justice.

Grist of Bees, by Delilah S. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen, follows Rhett Walker, who has given up his destiny as the monster-hunting Shadow to settle down with his beloved Sam. But when the call to action grows too strong, Rhett… (tovább)

Subterranean, Burton, Michigan, 2019
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