Sinfully ​Mine (Lessons with the Dom 2.) 3 csillagozás

Kendall Ryan: Sinfully Mine

She was forbidden.

I didn’t care.

As my best friend’s little sister, Macey Hale was off-limits, but the girl was tempting as sin and forbidden as fuck. I wish I could say that stopped me. I wish I could tell you I behaved like a gentleman.

I didn’t.

When she waltzes back into my life with that same spark I fell for, looking every bit the beautiful woman I knew she’d grow into, I have to force myself to remember I’m different from the man she once knew. I’m colder. Harder. And for good reason.
With my heart on lockdown and my hands aching to touch her, I set out to prove that I can keep myself in check this time.

No strings. No attachments.

And definitely no falling for her again.

If you love steamy romance, you won't want to miss this older brother's best friend romance.

CreateSpace, Washington, 2015
298 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781511643627
310 oldal · ASIN: B00WLC73JG

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Macey Hale · Reece Jackson

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“Happy New Year, Pancake.”

“Happy New Year.”

The air feels full of new beginnings and promises to explore. Only I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Macey Hale · Reece Jackson

When Macey strolled so casually back into my life, I was thrown. But only for a moment, because now I have a plan. She wants to play? Fine. I’ll play the game, but this time she’ll be playing by my rules.

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I’m Reece-motherfucking-Jackson. I own Crave—Chicago’s hottest sex club. I deliver the pleasure; I decide the punishments. I can’t let one feisty girl who I used to be hung up on call the shots on our arrangement.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Reece Jackson

Despite my tough-girl persona, I’m still every bit in love with my older brother’s, very unobtainable, best friend. Shit.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Macey Hale

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