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Kelley Armstrong – Melissa Marr: Loki's Wolves

New York Times bestselling authors Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely) and Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning) will join forces to write the middle grade trilogy The Blackwell Pages for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. The title was acquired by Megan Tingley, Senior Vice President and Publisher, with Kate Sullivan editing. The Blackwell Pages will tell the story of two 12-year-old boys and one girl, all distant descendants of the Norse gods, who must journey to prevent the impending Ragnarok (the apocalypse). The first book, Loki’s Wolves, is slated for publication in Spring of 2013.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2013

Tagok ajánlása: 9 éves kortól

374 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780316204972 · Illusztrálta: Vivienne To
Little, Brown Books, Boston, Massachusetts, 2013
358 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781907411304 · Illusztrálta: Eamon O’Donoghue

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Arianrhod P>!
Kelley Armstrong – Melissa Marr: Loki's Wolves

Nem szeretem, amikor több ember ír meg egy könyvet együtt, mert soha nem konzisztens a szöveg, vagy csak akkor, ha a szerzők teljesen egyhúron pendülnek, és képesek a stílusbeli különbségeiket összesimítani. Ez most sikerült a két szerzőnek, a skandináv mitológiai események újraálmodása egy amerikai kisvárosban, ahol a lakók Loki és Thor leszármazottai, és a következő Ragnarökre készülődnek. Voltak dolgok, amikkel elégedetlen voltam, de összességében jól indult a sorozat, kíváncsi voltam, mi sül ki ebből.

Voltaképpen az ötcsillagot csak a témára, és az újszerű nézőpontra adtam, a stílusa, és a történet azért nem hengerelt le nagyon.

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Arianrhod P>!

“Baldwin.” The boy smiled again. Unlike the twins, he seemed thrilled to see them, more so as he started talking. “This is so cool. I’ve never met anyone with weird powers like me before. I knew there had to be others. It’s like knowing inside that there’s something different about you, and then realizing you can’t be the only one. I mean, my parents took me to doctors, but I just knew that it wasn’t sickness. I just don’t ever feel pain or get injured. What are your powers? Are we like superheroes? I don’t read a lot, but I like comics.”

Arianrhod P>!

The troll’s head swung their way, and Laurie stopped. As the troll peered into the darkness, Matt got his first real look at the thing. It had a gray, misshapen, bald head with beady, sunken eyes and a nose that hooked down over a lipless mouth. The nose twitched, as if the troll was sniffing the air. Then the mouth opened, revealing rows of jagged teeth.
The troll rose to its full height. It would tower over Matt now. At least eight feet tall and half as wide, standing on squat legs, its long arms dangling, claws scraping the ground. It kept looking in their direction but just stood there, head bobbing and swaying, nostrils flaring. Then it charged.

Arianrhod P>!

“And we understand, too, the meaning of the tsunamis and tidal waves that have devastated coastal cities around the world. Not only has Nidhogg almost gnawed through the world tree, but the Midgard Serpent has broken free from its bonds. The seas roil as the serpent rises to the surface. To the final battle. To Ragnarök.”

Arianrhod P>!

“I know this may come as a surprise to some of you. Matt is, after all, only thirteen. But in Viking times, he would have been on the brink of manhood. The runes have chosen Matt as our champion, as the closest embodiment of Thor. His living representative. And they have chosen others, too, all the living embodiments of their god ancestors, all children born at the turn of the millennium. Young men and women like Matt. The descendants of Frey and Freya, Balder, and the great god Odin. They will come, and they will fight alongside our champion.

Arianrhod P>!

He looked like he belonged… well, anywhere but Blackwell. He wore a pair of black-and-blue tennis shoes, black trousers that hung low, a blue shirt that looked silky, and slightly longish hair that was dyed blue. Odder still, the boy had on jewelry that was almost girly: a pair of tiny black bird earrings in one ear and a twisted metal ring on his finger.
“Are you looking for me yet?” he asked.
“No.” She scowled. “I don’t know you. Why would I look for you?”
“I’m Odin.”

Arianrhod P>!

He stared at the little girl. Who was she? What was she? Not just a little girl—he was sure of that now.
“Odin will tell me how to fix this, right?” Matt said. “He’ll tell me how to defeat the Midgard Serpent and survive.”
Again, she looked confused. “I do not know. That is to come. That is not now. I know only—”
“You only know what is now. Yeah, I got that the first…” His gaze shifted to the mosaic on his left. A scene of Thor asking the Norns for advice.

Arianrhod P>!

It was like the world had spun backward a thousand years and they were now old enough to leave home and get married, old enough to fight, old enough to die. They were being asked to risk death because somewhere forever ago they had relatives who were gods. Worse still, those gods had died and left them a mess to handle.

Arianrhod P>!

“What’s a mara?” Matt asked, as she strode to the window and peered out.
“Mara. Mares,” Astrid muttered.
“Horses?” Baldwin said.
Matt shook his head as he pulled the answer from some half-forgotten saga buried deep in his brain. “Spirits of confusion. That’s where the word nightmare comes from. Mares, or mara.”

Arianrhod P>!

“I met Odin. He seemed… nice,” Laurie told Astrid. “You must miss him.”
Astrid laughed. “Nice? Odin? He’s a freak, but it’s not all his fault. I mean, we are who we are because of some story that was written forever ago.”

Arianrhod P>!

Laurie cleared her throat and rescued him by asking Matt, “What happens in the myth? After Balder died, what did the gods do?”
Matt paused, and then, slowly, he smiled. “They went after him.”
“Went where?”
“To Hel, the land of the dead.” Matt looked from Laurie to Fen and back again. “Do you think you can open a doorway there?”

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