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Using Design of Experiments to Make It Happen
Keki R. Bhote: World Class Quality

Author Keki R. Bhote, a highly-experienced quality consultant, presents the Design of Experiments tools created by quality guru Dorian Shainin.
Bhote points out that Americans have for too long been using such „kindergarten tools” as SPC and Pareto charts, while Japanese implemented Design of Experiments tools years ago with great success – eliminating complex, long term quality problems.
The author presents, explains and elucidates in a clear and nontechnical style how Shainin's techniques work and how to apply them to a company's quality problems. Along the way you will see that these proven techniques not only solve quality problems but prevent them from developing in the first place. Included are case studies to illustrate all techniques and practice exercises.

224 oldal · ISBN: 0814450539

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