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Poems of the Legendary Hermit Hanshan
Kazuaki Tanahashi – Peter Levitt: Complete Cold Mountain Kazuaki Tanahashi – Peter Levitt: Complete Cold Mountain

A ​fresh translation--and new envisioning--of the most accessible and beloved of all classic Chinese poetry. Welcome to the magical, windswept world of Cold Mountain. These poems from the literary riches of China have long been celebrated by cultures of both East and West--and continue to be revered as among the most inspiring and enduring works of poetry worldwide. This groundbreaking new translation presents the full corpus of poetry traditionally associated with Hanshan ("Cold Mountain") and sheds light on its origins and authorship like never before. Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt honor the contemplative Buddhist elements of this classic collection of poems while revealing Hanshan's famously jubilant humor, deep love of solitude in nature, and overwhelming warmth of heart. In addition, this translation features the full Chinese text of the original poems and a wealth of fascinating supplements, including traditional historical records, an in-depth study of the Cold Mountain… (tovább)

Shambhala, Boston, 2018
274 oldal · ASIN: B079DBHJ4L
Shambhala Publications, Boston, 2018
304 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781611804263

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