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Forgotten Realms univerzum (angol) 339 Bővebben

Lisa Smedman: The Gilded Rune
Christopher Perkins – Jeremy Craword – Stacey Allan – Bill Benham – H. H. Carlan – Celeste Conowitch – Dan Dillon – Will Doyle – Mikayla Ebel – Anne Gregersen – Chad Quandt – Morrigan Robbins – Ashley Warren: Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Brian Thomsen: Once Around the Realms
Ed Greenwood: Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters
Richard Baker: The Shadow Stone
Christopher Rowe: Sandstorm
Jaleigh Johnson: Spider and Stone
Samantha Henderson: Dawnbringer
Rosemary Jones: Cold Steel and Secrets
Monte Cook: The Glass Prison