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Karen Rose: I Can See You Karen Rose: I Can See You Karen Rose: I Can See You

Eve Wilson's face was once scarred by a vicious assault. Terrified and ashamed, she escaped to the online realm, where she could choose the face she allowed people to see. Years later, her outer scars faded and inner scars buried, Eve has fought her way back to the real world and is determined to help others do the same. Now a graduate student moonlighting as a bartender, Eve researches the addictive powers of online communities. When her test subjects begin turning up dead as a result of apparent suicides, she doesn't know where to turn.

Homicide detective Noah Webster is one of the few people who believe the victims are connected murders. Eve becomes Noah's online guide and realizes that the handsome detective may have secret scars as painful as her own. As Eve and Noah chase a killer who is always one step ahead of them, together they try to overcome the tragedies of their pasts and learn to trust again, but they soon discover that danger is much closer than they think.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2009

Headline, 2010
656 oldal · ISBN: 9780755346547
618 oldal · ISBN: 9780446538350
480 oldal · ISBN: 9780446538343

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Szimirza P
Karen Rose: I Can See You

Ez is jó rész volt, Noah fantasztikus :) Viszont ez a rész egy kicsit visszafogottabb volt, valami mintha hiányzott volna belőle.

Karen Rose: I Can See You

Izgalmas volt, mint Karen Rose általában, de voltak lassabb részek is benne. Noah túl jó ahhoz, hogy igaz legyen, de egyébként jó volt :)

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