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Jus Accardo: Tremble Jus Accardo: Tremble

Dez Cross has problems. She’s almost eighteen and on the verge of losing her mind thanks to the drug Denazen used to enhance her abilities. People close to her have turned their back on the underground and are now fighting for the wrong side. And then there’s Kale… Things couldn’t get any worse.

Until of course, they do. Denazen is about to start a new trial—this one called Domination—and it works. But that means out with the old and in with the new. The order has been given to terminate all remnants of the second trial—including Dez. The good news is that there’s a survivor from the original trial. A woman who’s blood may hold the cure for the second generation of Supremacy kid’s defect. But the underground Sixes aren’t the only ones who know about her

Cross is willing to throw everything he has to keep Dez from getting the cure—including the one thing that might tear her apart from the inside out.

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Entangled, USA, 2013
352 oldal · ISBN: 9781620610183

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Kale · Deznee Cross

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Jus Accardo: Tremble

Amiota vegeztem az utolso mondattal, csak egy dolog jar a fejemben: Ugye lesz folytatas??????
Vegig izgalmas volt, akciodus es tele volt fordulatokkal. Kale meg mindig nagy kedvenc, Jade-t se utalom mar annyira. Alexet sajnaltam, mert lehet, hogy egy bunko volt, de szerette Dez-t. Kiernan es Marshall Cross pedig, huuuuuuu, de utalom oket. FOLYTATAST AKAROK MOST! AND A LITTLE KALE-TIME TOO ;)

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“Pick a side, Reaper. This back-and-forth shit is giving me a headache.”
Kale’s eyes darkened and he turned to me with a sneer.
“Are he and I friends?”
“Not even close.”
“Good.” In one swift move, Kale shot forward and kicked the legs out from Alex’s chair, sending him to the ground with a loud thud. “Don’t talk to me.”

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“I won’t let anything happen to her.” Kale stood and leaned across the coffee table, expression loaded.
“Why? Because you love her? You can’t even remember how much you hate me, and brother man, that’s saying something.”

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“What’s best for me is Dez, not you. You’re—” He tilted his head, lost in thought for a moment. “You’re crackers on crazy,” he declared, proud of the analogy. When he responded in true Kale fashion, the part of me that had shriveled away when he left came bounding back to life, bigger and brighter than before.
It was crazy on a cracker, but God, I loved this guy.

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It hurts that you don’t remember me. We shared something very special.”

He looked from her to me, then back again. “Incredibly hard to believe. I don’t find redheads the least bit attractive. Maybe if you looked more like Dez I could see it.

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Hope was a fragile and dangerous thing. It had the ability to build you up higher than the clouds—and then drop you.

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This is crap,” I spat. “Don’t listen to her. She’s so full of shit her eyes are brown!”

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Sure. Someone couldn’t drive up now, right? It had to be in the middle of that awesome kiss? It was official. The universe had a grudge against me.

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I loved roller coasters. The thrill of soaring high above, inside and out, upside down, and sideways. It was the kind of crap I lived for. I’d done the free-fall ride at Great Adventure one year with Brandt. He’d hated it, keeling over promptly as our feet touched solid ground—but I’d been in heaven. As the elevator plummeted, I tried to remember what the appeal of it all was.


I was an adrenaline junkie by nature. But this was different. Taking risks for a cheap thrill was one thing. Standing in front of a ravenous bear with no place to run was something else. Courting death, Brandt called this. Fitting, considering Ginger, long before he was born, had dubbed Kale the Reaper.
So here I stood. In front of Death, daring it to take me.

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Grumbling, Alex stood and stalked from the room. If I had to guess, he was off to wake up Jade. Last time, he'd dumped a gallon of ice water on her head. She, in return, hit him with a jar of cold tomato soce the next morning. It was a good match-up. Denazen wouldn't dare attack them – they'd be too afraid to get in the middle of their squabbling.

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