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Julie Garwood: Guardian Angel

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England, 1815 AD. The Emerald flew across the seas, its black hull teasingthe waves, its sails whipping on the wind. Aboard was the piratePagan--despised by the ton, whose riches this scoundrel plundered: belovedby the poor, whose plight was eased by the pirate's gifts. The Marquess ofCainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother'sdeath. But when Jade Hawthorn Baker, an enchanting vision of rippling redhair and eyes of fire-green, appears at his door to beg desperately for hisprotection, the Marquess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who wanther dead. Jade is infuriating, exasperating and gorgeous; Caine is noble,strong-willed and powerful. No woman has ever befuddled him so, nor sodeeply roused his desire. But as Jade responds to his knowing caresses withan innocent, wild abandon, they are drawn into a web of treachery that willtest the very heart of their love!

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1990

Pocket Books, USA, 1990
384 oldal · ISBN: 0671670069

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Julie Garwood: Guardian Angel

„Die Rache des Marquis” címen vettem meg németül jó 20 éve. Akkor élveztem minden sorát.

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