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Julian Fellowes: Snobs

„The ​English, of all classes as it happens, are addicted to exclusivity. Leave three Englishmen in a room and they will invent a rule that prevents a fourth joining them.”

The best comedies of manners are often deceptively simple, seamlessly blending social critique with character and story. In his superbly observed first novel, Julian Fellowes, creator of the Masterpiece sensation Downton Abbey and winner of an Academy Award for his original screenplay of Gosford Park, brings us an insider's look at a contemporary England that is still not as classless as is popularly supposed.

Edith Lavery, an English blonde with large eyes and nice manners, is the daughter of a moderately successful accountant and his social-climbing wife. While visiting his parents' stately home as a paying guest, Edith meets Charles, Earl of Broughton, and heir to the Marquess of Uckfield, who runs the family estates in East Sussex and Norfolk. To the gossip columns he is one of the most… (tovább)

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2004
266 oldal · ISBN: 0297848763

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Julian Fellowes: Snobs

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Julian Fellowes: Snobs

Julian Fellowes, nem mondom, tényleg kiismered magad az angol felső osztály világában, de szerintem nyugodtan maradhatsz a Downton Abbey-nél. Sorozatot nem illik könyvhöz hasonlítani, főleg, hogy teljesen más mind a kettő, de sajnos a könyv nem ütötte meg azt a szintet, amit elvártam a Downton Abbey atyjától. Nem volt rossz, de sajnos többet vártam.

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The couple that never talk to each other never discover how little they have in common.

121. oldal


Edith stared at the ceiling, contemplating the oddness of life. Here she was with this man, whom she hardly knew when she really thought about it, asleep, naked, beside her. She pondered that central truth, which must have struck many brides from Marie Antoinette to Wallis Simpson, that whatever the political, social or financial advantages of a great marriage, there comes a moment when everyone leaves the room and you are left alone with a stranger who has the legal right to copulate with you. She was not at all sure that she had fully negotiated this simple fact until then.

73. oldal


The fact that someone is not particularly intelligent is no guide in these things. People may be stupid and extremely complicated just as they can be clever and incapable of deep feeling.

145-146. oldal


Physical beauty is a subject that many skirt around and almost everyone attempts to down-play thereby demonstrating some sound moral stance, but it remains one of the glories of human existence. Of course, there are many people who are attractive without being beautiful just as there are beauties who bore, and the danger of beauty in the very young is that it can make the business of life seem deceptively easy. All this I am fully aware of. I know too, however, that of the four great gifts that the fairies may or may not bring to the christening – Brains, Birth, Beauty and Money – it is Beauty that makes locked doors spring open at a touch. Whether it is for a job interview, a place at a dining table, a brilliant promotion or a lift on the motorway, everyone, regardless of their sex or their sexual proclivity, would always rather deal with a good-looking face. And no one is more aware of this than the Beauties themselves. They have a power they simultaneously respect and take for granted. Despite the moralists who tut about its transience, it is generally a power that is never completely lost. One can usually trace in the wrinkled lines of a nonagenarian, stooped and leaning on a stick, the style and confidence that turned heads in a ballroom in 1929.

106-107. oldal


No, while most people have been at their unhappiest when in love, it is nevertheless the state the human being yearns for above all.

142. oldal


Real unhappiness is ugly and wounding and scarring to the soul.

147. oldal


[Added to which,] just as happily married friends drive us all mad by their insistence that the married state is the only possible one, so do one's unhappily married acquaintence see it it as their mission to turn all and sundry back from the church door.

167. oldal

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