The ​Formation of the Lengyel Culture in South-Western Transdanubia 0 csillagozás

Judit P. Barna: The Formation of the Lengyel Culture in South-Western Transdanubia

Based ​on a wealth of exciting new evidence from a rich array of sources, the monograph covers the formation of the Late Neolithic Lengyel culture in south-western Hungary, a minor region of the culture’s core territory. The process of the culture’s formation is traced through an indepth typological analysis of the find material, various archaeological features and a study of the chronological position of three sites. The large-scale excavations at two sites in the Sormás area provided new perspectives for research on settlement structures, while the unique mass grave uncovered at Esztergályhorváti was the most important source for the physical anthropology of the period’s population as well as for its absolute chronology, and served as a reference in the evaluation of the new radiocarbon data.
Enclosure No. I at Sormás-Török-földek, dating to the formative Lengyel culture, can be regarded as one of the earliest genuine circular enclosures. The investigations at this site are… (tovább)

Archaeolingua, Budapest, 2017
460 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9786155766022 · Fordította: Wodala János, Cserna György, Molnár Claudia

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