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Jude Watson: The Shattered Peace

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For a hundred generations the worlds of Rutan and Senali have temporarily exchanged their heirs to the throne as a cultural learning experience. Now, one of the heirs does not want to come back to his planet and a war is going to happen. Only Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and his master Qui-Gon Jinn can assist the planet.

While trying to balance the peace between the two factions, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are nearly killed by a terrorist group, doublecrossed multiple times, and imprisoned by the people they are trying to assist. In the end, the peace between Rutan and Senali is re-established.

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Scholastic, USA, 2000
130 oldal · ISBN: 0590520849

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Obi-Wan Kenobi · Qui-Gon Jinn · Drenna · King Frane · Leed · Taroon

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Rutan · Senali

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Jude Watson: The Shattered Peace

Eddig ez a kötet tetszett a legjobban a sorozatból. Nagyon érdekesen és élvezhetően állítja szembe egymással a közösség és az egyén érdekeit, de közben megmutatja, hogy a kettő nem zárja ki egymást.

Jude Watson: The Shattered Peace

Így a sorozat feléhez érve kezd olyan érzésem lenni, hogy a sztori ismétli önmagát. Már a Melida/Daan-os hajcihő sem tudott igazán megfogni, úgyhogy ez sem jutott el hozzám, hiába volt valamivel normálisabban levezetve. A személyes motivációk sem hatottak meg, úgyhogy nekem csak Obi-Wan (szokásos) őrlődése, meg Qui-Gon jelenléte mentette meg ezt az egészet. Talán csak besokalltam ezzel a szériával, úgyhogy ideje szünetet tartanom.

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„The mission hasn't ended as I thought it would. Somehow I thought Leed would be allowed to remain on Senali.”
„Is that what you hoped would happen, Padawan?” Qui-Gon asked. „This time you must tell me the truth.”
So Qui-Gon had known he had evaded his question back on Senali.
„At first I did not want to tell you that I sympathized with Leed,” Obi-Wan admitted. „I thought it would remind you of my decision to stay on Melida/Daan and leave the Jedi. I thought it might give you pause about my commitment to you.”
„We have put that matter behind us, Padawan,” Qui-Gon said. „Do not be afraid to share your feelings with me. I would never hold them against you.”

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Obi-Wan sighed. „I spent much of this mission in a state of confusion.”
„That is good, Padawan,” Qui-Gon said. „It means you are learning.”
„It is hard not to feel discouraged that I have so much more to learn.”
„It should not be cause for discouragement,” Qui-Gon said gently. „Life is both learning and relearning. You can confront the same issue over and over, and find a deeper meaning each time. You should take comfort in the fact that life always suprise you.”

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„Even with sureness, there must be doubt. It is the Jedi way.”

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„But how did you know these things?” Obi-Wan asked, puzzled.
„Find the emotion, predict the deed,” Qui-Gon replied.

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„They were no help at all,” Taroon complained. „I don't know how Leed could stand to live with so many people.”
„They seem to enjoy one another's company,” Qui-Gon observed.
„They certainly like to talk,” Obi-Wan added. He had felt awkward among the clan, but he had also felt their warmth and their obvious affection for one another.

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Leed glazed out over the lagoon. "Because Rutan does not feel like my world. Its people don't feel like my people. It is hard to explain. But I found myself here. Underneath this sun I feel at home. And if Rutan is no longer my home I do not have the right to rule it. Senali is in my blood and bones.
Jedi were supposed to remain impartial. But Obi-Wan felt Leed's words strike his heart. Now instead of connecting them to what he'd felt on Melida/Daan, he connected them to the Temple. It was not where he was born. The Jedi Masters were not his parents. Yet it was home. He knew that in his heart and bones. He believed that Leed felt the same.

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He lay on his sleep mat next to Obi-Wan. „What do you think, Padawan?” he asked softly. „Is Leed right or wrong?”
„That is not for me to say,” Obi-Wan responded after a short silence. „I am to remain neutral.”
„But I am asking you what you think,” Qui-Gon said. „You can have a feeling. It does not have to affect your behavior.”
Obi-Wan hesitated again. „I think that personal happiness is less important than duty.”
Qui-Gon frowned. His Padawan had evaded the question. He had not lied, but he had not told the truth, either. Yet, Qui-Gon would not chide him. The evasion came from a place of goodness. Somehow Obi-Wan must feel that to Qui-Gon the truth would be wrong. Qui-Gon could let the question rest there. He would not push. He was learning how to be a Master as surely as Obi-Wan was learning how to be a Padawan.
Learn not to teach, you must, Yoda had told him. As surely as you must guide, you must also be led.

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Overhead, the sky curved above him, bright with silver moons and clusters of stars. Here on Senali the atmosphere turned the night sky a unique color, somewhere between navy and purple. It was at such times of hushed beauty that Qui-Gon felt the Force vibrate clearly, from the burning energy of the stars to the soft splash of a leaping fish.

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„ Being a Jedi means we honor connections.”

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There were so many times on missions that he did not know whom to trust. Qui-Gon seemed to have the gift to see beyond the surface into feelings and motivations that Obi-Wan missed. Qui-Gon never seemed to make a mistake. Only with his former apprentice, Xanatos, had he extended trust too far and met disaster. Xanatos was dead now. Obi-Wan imagined that one such miscalculation was enough for one lifetime. If he watched and learned from Qui-Gon, maybe he could avoid mistakes such as that in the future.

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