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Jude Watson: The School of Fear

Anakin Skywalker infiltrates an elite boarding school in this harrowing Jedi adventure.

Anakin Skywalker is not an average teen. He has spent his adolescence surrounded by other Jedi. But now the son of a Senator has gone missing, and Anakin must infiltrate an elite school in order to find out what's happened. What he discovers involves a conspiracy much bigger than anyone anticipates – a conspiracy with repercussions for the whole galaxy.

94 oldal · ISBN: 9781484719770
Scholastic, New York, 2003
144 oldal · ISBN: 9780439339216 · Illusztrálta: David Mattingly, Alice Buelow

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Obi-Wan Kenobi · Anakin Skywalker · Ferus Olin · Siri Tachi · Tyro Caladian

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Jude Watson: The School of Fear

Naneee. Most komolyan? Csóró Anakinnak semmi pozitívum adatik? Tudom hogy az első Jedi Növendékben is kissé sötét volt a hangulat,de nem ennyire.

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Patience was required of every Jedi.

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He should have examined this possibility. He hadn’t been able to imagine a son doing such a thing to his father. No matter how much he’d seen in his life, no matter what evil he’d faced, he was still capable of surprise at a son’s resentment of a powerful father. It always surprised him, how personal a betrayal could be.

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Ferus was so different from Anakin, Obi-Wan thought. Anakin would have smiled at him as soon as he entered. It’s about time, he would have said. Or maybe, I hope you brought my lunch. He felt an intense need to find his own Padawan. Added to the feeling was the fury that he was gone at all.

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He waited, standing in the cockpit, looking down. He could feel the flush of triumph on his cheeks. Siri glanced at him, as did Ferus. He could see the astonishment on their faces. But his Master never looked up.

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“This stone is important to you. I can tell. Why?” “It was a gift,” Anakin said. “From your father?” Longing burst inside him. He did not have a father. Shmi had been very clear about that. He didn’t understand it, but he accepted it. He did not think about his lack; he never had. But unexpectedly the ache would well up in him and take him by surprise. Then he thought of Obi-Wan, and the ache went away.

Chapter Six

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Obi-Wan tried to access the door to Tyro Caladian’s tiny office, but the door stuck after it had slid open only a few centimeters. “Tyro?” he shouted inside the crack. “Go away,” a muffled voice answered. “It’s Obi-Wan!” “Obi-Wan! For star’s sake, don’t move.” Obi-Wan heard the sound of crashing and banging. “I’m coming—oof! Don’t…I’m almost there…ah!” The door slowly opened, pushed by Tyro. “Can’t you…” he puffed “…use your Force…to help?” Obi-Wan leaned against the door frame, watching. “I’m enjoying this too much.”

Chapter Five

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