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Jude Watson: The Moment of Truth

Tensions run high in this thrilling installment of the best-selling Jedi Quest series

Masters and apprentices must trust one another. But that is not the case with Anakin Skywalker and his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. A rift is building between them. When they are separated during a rescue mission on a dangerous planet, their conflict reaches a new high – and shows signs of things to come.

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Scholastic, New York, 2003
144 oldal · ISBN: 9780439339230 · Illusztrálta: David Mattingly, Alice Buelow

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Obi-Wan Kenobi · Anakin Skywalker · Clee Rhara · Ferus Olin · Garen Muln · Ry-Gaul · Siri Tachi · Thik · Tru Veld

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Typha-Dor · Vanqor

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Jude Watson: The Moment of Truth

Maga a történet elég töltelék, de a végén old egy kicsit az Obi-van és Anakin közti ellentéten. Illetve előkerült az őrült tudós Qui -gon múltjából

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“Sometimes I don’t want to be the Chosen One,” Anakin said. The words broke free. They felt like stones in his mouth.
“That’s not surprising,” Obi-Wan said. “Many gifts can be burdens.”
“The Force is so strong. I can feel it so much. I feel so much. I don’t want to feel so much!” Anakin hardly recognized his voice, choked and aching. Obi-Wan looked startled at his vehemence. “Why am I chosen? Why is it me? Can’t I refuse it? Can’t you let me refuse it? Can’t you take it away?”

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“Take it from me. Please, Master.” Anakin wanted to fall to his knees. A deep tide of feeling, of dread, had risen up within him and choked him. He felt tears in the back of his throat. Even his friend Tru was afraid for him. Just as Ferus was. Just as his own Master was, the person who knew him the best.
What do they see that I cannot?

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The sudden panic shocked him. It had sprung up so abruptly. He hadn’t meant to say what he had said. He hadn’t even known he had been feeling it. Now it felt like the truest thing he had ever said. The dread was always there. He lived with it, but he didn’t understand it. He just wanted it to go away.
The depth of Obi-Wan’s shock and compassion showed in his eyes, in the way he gently placed his hands on Anakin’s shoulders. “My Padawan. I would do anything for you. I would bear your burdens for you if I could. But I cannot.”
Anakin bowed his head. The panic and fear whirled inside him, and he was ashamed.
Obi-Wan bent closer to speak softly. He did not release his grip on Anakin’s shoulders. “But I will help you. I will always help you. I will not leave you.”
The words reverberated like a bell. Obi-Wan’s touch brought Anakin back to himself. He raised his head.
“Things between us have not run smoothly lately,” Obi-Wan said. “But you must never doubt my commitment to you.”
“And mine to you,” Anakin said.

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Obi-Wan suddenly moved toward the starship that Siri had emerged from. “I should have known!” he called. “That was such a wobbly landing!”
Anakin smiled. The landing had been perfect. But Obi-Wan was allowed to tease his oldest friend, Garen Muln. They had gone through Temple training together, just as Anakin and Tru had.
“You’re one to talk about wobbling,” Garen said, noting Obi-Wan’s slight limp. There was concern underneath his words. “You look like you could use a medic.”
“Maybe a touch of bacta,” Obi-Wan admitted. “I tangled with a gundark or two.”
“Ouch,” Garen said. He laid a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “Let’s find the medpac.”

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“Who is that?” Anakin asked.
He indicated a Jedi, a human woman with bright orange hair. She was compact and fit, and stood talking to Obi-Wan, Ry-Gaul, and Siri as Garen administered bacta to Obi-Wan’s wound.
“That’s Clee Rhara. She’s an amazing pilot. She—”
“Once ran the pilot program for Jedi students,” Anakin said. “She’s a legend.”
Clee Rhara walked over. “Anakin Skywalker. We meet at last.” Her shrewd eyes studied him. “I was a good friend of Qui-Gon’s. We were students together.”
“I’m honored to meet you, Master Rhara,” Anakin said.

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Typha-Dor is lucky … We are rich in resources. We have abundant sunshine and water. Our world is large and varied. We have a large workforce. Yet we have never learned how to truly manage our resources and turn them into the wealth we need … I am not defending Vanqor's aggression … I am just saying that even Vanqor could have lessons to teach us.

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Anakin’s pure connection to the Force meant that in some ways Obi-Wan had little to teach him. At least it seemed that Anakin was beginning to think that. Yet Obi-Wan knew he still had so much to give him. Being a Jedi involved more than commanding the Force—it involved the inner serenity needed to access that Force in the best way. Yaddle’s death had shaken Obi-Wan to the core. Was it possible that Anakin had too much power?

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Obi-Wan would not give up on Anakin. It was his duty as a Master to teach his apprentice, to help him become a Jedi Knight. All he knew was that he never seemed to have time to address the problem of the tension between them. Every day was packed with things to do, with travel, with missions or Council meetings. The galaxy teemed with trouble. The Senate was sometimes mired in procedures. The problems of an apprentice and his Master got lost in the chaos that surrounded them.

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They hadn’t spoken for many hours, not since they’d left the Core.

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The hook in his heart seared him, and he knew its name. It was love.
The love he felt for his Master was lodged firmly within him. It was a connection that had grown from the first moment Obi-Wan had told him that he would take him and train him.
He had learned one thing about love: It was besides the point. It didn’t make anything smoother, or better. Most of the time, it just complicated things.

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