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Jude Watson: The False Peace

Two brilliant enemies plan an attack on the Galactic Senate. For Obi-Wan, this means facing an old adversary, while for Anakin, it means bending the rules of the Jedi to accomplish his goals--something he's forbidden to do.

108 oldal · ISBN: 9781484719817
Scholastic, New York, 2004
160 oldal · ISBN: 9780439339254 · Illusztrálta: Alice Buelow

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Obi-Wan Kenobi · Anakin Skywalker · Mace Windu · Palpatine · Bail Organa · Bog Divinian · Roy Teda · Siri Tachi

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Jude Watson: The False Peace

A színtér áttevődik a Coruscantra, Granta Omega ezúttal a szenátorokat veszi célba, elindítja a Jedik jogainak korlátozására vonatkozó változtatásokat. Szerencsére nem sikerül a terv, de a bizalmatlanság magvait elveti. Itt kezdődik el Palpatin ténykedése Anakin behálózására is.

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Mace stood. “Master Kenobi will attend the hearing.”
“He must,” Palpatine said. “He has been called as a witness.”
Once again, Obi-Wan inclined his head, but he seethed inwardly at the distraction. Just my luck, he thought. A meeting and a Senate hearing, all in the same day.
Omega could be in his grasp, but if he wasn’t careful, he would spend all his time in meetings and hearings and never accomplish a thing.
Just like a Senator, Obi-Wan thought with an inward groan.

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He had chased after one man for years.

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“The Honorable Senator from Alderaan has the floor.”
Organa’s pod zoomed closer.
“Do you have any evidence of your claims, Former Ruler Teda?” he asked. His handsome face was stern, and his robes were thrown back off his shoulders as he faced the former dictator.

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There were few Senators who studied the bureaucracy as extensively.
Organa knew that the tedious work of keeping up with the bureaucracy netted results. Injustice often began when the powerful Senators who headed committees changed obscure rules that they knew no one would notice.
No one but Bail Organa.

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“I chose this team because of your special skills,” Mace told Anakin. “Obi-Wan may hate it, but he has a great knowledge of the Senate workings. I contacted Yoda on Kashyyyk, and he was in agreement.”
Obi-Wan tried not to groan aloud. Siri allowed herself one small smile at his discomfort.
“His contacts are invaluable,” Mace went on. “I chose Master Tachi for her lack of patience.”
Siri’s small grin disappeared.Mace raised an eyebrow at her.
“A fault she has tried to correct, but one that often gets in her way,” he said. “I have a feeling it will be useful in this situation."

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Mace said, resuming his walk. “Chancellor Palpatine has asked to see you and Obi-Wan specifically. He has requested a meeting.”
Obi-Wan felt his heart sink. Most likely it would be the first of many meetings in the Senate, where it would be explained to him why the simplest way to do things was actually the most complicated.
“When is the meeting?” Obi-Wan asked, trying not to sigh as he matched his walk to Mace’s long stride.
For the first time, Mace’s features softened, and Obi-Wan was almost sure he caught the slightest of smiles. “Do not fret, Obi-Wan. You are on your way to it.”

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“So you sabotaged the factory—”
“No.” It was Obi-Wan’s turn to interrupt. “We were caught there. The factory was deliberately destroyed by its owner to cover up violations.”
“And you were there, after hours, after everyone else had gone home.”
“I see. So you were the only ones there during the implosion, but you did not trigger it.”
“I don’t know if we were the only ones there. How do you?”
Bog flushed again. “What I see before me is arrogance and a complete lack of remorse at the destruction of property—”
“Oh, I feel remorse,” Obi-Wan said.
“That is unusual,” Bog snapped.
“I never received my paycheck.”
Guffaws exploded throughout the chamber.

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