The ​Death of Hope (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice 15.) 6 csillagozás

Jude Watson: The Death of Hope

Qui-Gon Jinn just broke a cardinal Jedi rule by declaring his love for Tahl, a fellow Jedi Knight. Now Tahl has been taken captive, and Qui-Gon and his apprentice Obi-Wan must save her. Unfortunately for Tahl, nothing goes according to plan and Qui-Gon must face a devastating loss.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2001

Tagok ajánlása: Hány éves kortól ajánlod?

Scholastic, New York, 2001
152 oldal · ISBN: 9780439139342

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I'd like to make one point. You can't control everything you touch, Qui-Gon. And you can't make sense of everything, either, no matter how much you analyze or meditate. Not even you.

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