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Jude Watson: The Changing of the Guard

Fissures between Obi-Wan and Anakin grow in the next thrilling installment in the best-selling Jedi Quest series.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, and another pair of Jedi must try to retrieve an evil scientist from a planet run by criminals as a refuge for other criminals. In order to do this, they have to go undercover – as the kind of scum they usually try to catch. Will the means be worth the ends? Or will Anakin learn too much about the seamier side of the galaxy?

98 oldal · ISBN: 9781484719800
Scholastic, New York, 2004
160 oldal · ISBN: 9780439339247 · Illusztrálta: David Mattingly, Alice Buelow

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Obi-Wan Kenobi · Anakin Skywalker · Mace Windu · Siri Tachi · Tyro Caladian

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Jude Watson: The Changing of the Guard

A történet folytatódik, Hajsza az Omega és Zan Arbor után. Egy bolygón kitörni készülő lázadásba csöppen bele Anakin, Obi-van, Ferus és Siri. Ezúttal se sikerül elcsípni az őrült tudóst, de egyre közelednek a végkifejlet felé.

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Tyro said. “You go into danger, and I wish you safety and success. The Svivreni do not say good-bye. We consider it bad luck. We say, the journey begins, so go.”

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Mace’s good-bye was not quite as fond as Tyro’s. He agreed to the necessity of the plan, but he didn’t approve of the rule bending.
“Just try not to alienate the entire Senate,” he said. “In other words, succeed.” He drew his robes together in dismissal. “May the Force be with you, and may I not hear from you until it’s safely over.”

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Anakin looked over at his Master. They had grown even closer over the past months. Anakin had broken down after the mission on Vanqor and confessed his fears to Obi-Wan. He had been afraid to tell his Master how there were times he no longer wanted to be the Chosen One. He realized that he had been walking around with a nameless dread in his heart. He didn’t know what he feared, but he knew that he lived with the fear every waking moment. Saying this out loud had shocked his Master, but it had freed Anakin in a way he still didn’t understand.

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He knew what had happened was a classic step in the Master–Padawan relationship. The apprentice invites the Master, and it begins. As learners, they had all wondered what the expression meant. The Master was the one to invite a Jedi student to be his or her apprentice. That was how it started. So what was the meaning of The apprentice invites the Master?
Now he understood. He had been Obi-Wan’s apprentice for years before he had truly trusted him with the inner workings of his heart and mind. Once he had invited Obi-Wan to share his deepest fears, his worst nightmares, their relationship had shifted and deepened. It was as though they were starting again. It begins.

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Obi-Wan had told him that the same thing had happened with him and Qui-Gon. “In the middle of our journey together, we began again,” he’d told Anakin.
It was mysterious and wonderful. They knew what each other would do before it was done. They knew what was in each other’s thoughts. Whereas before Anakin would worry about what was on Obi-Wan’s mind, now he accepted that some things he knew, and some things he didn’t, and that many things on Obi-Wan’s mind had nothing to do with him.

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She gave Obi-Wan a curious glance. “What is it? You’ve got that look on your face.”
“What look?”
“That look that says, You’re going to hate this idea, Siri, but I’m going to do it anyway,” Siri said dryly.
Obi-Wan grinned. “Relax. You’re going to love it.”

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Senate aide Tyro Caladian winced at the look of frustration on the face of his friend Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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