Stripes ​and Twin Horns (Midnight Matings 15.) 3 csillagozás

Joyee Flynn: Stripes and Twin Horns

The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

The chaos of the Midnight Matings continues. Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk being without one forever. After this announcement, Blake and Drake see a man offering himself up and decide they want him for their own.

Blake and Drake Collier are ancient unicorn shifters used to keeping to themselves. Mating Gilbert gives them a chance for true love and happiness if they can learn to put his needs before theirs.

Gilbert Quinby is a raccoon shifter who has been sexually abused due to the traditions of his shifter community. Blake and Drake may be his ticket to freedom and to love.

Will Blake, Drake, and Gilbert’s attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing for them all, or will the trauma caused by Gilbert’s horrible past be a stumbling block they may not be able to overcome?

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2012
114 oldal · ISBN: 9781622411122

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